Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners (Step by Step)

WordPress SEO If you build a website on top of your WordPress, then the most important thing

for it is that it has good search engine optimization, Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners (Step by Step)

for that you will have to adopt the best methods that you will have to learn to learn, you will get to learn on YouTube. You can learn through our YouTube channel, WordPress SEO tutorial

search engine optimization is enough for your WordPress.

There are quite a few ways that every single banner should do. Within your website, WordPress SEO tips

Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners(Step by Step

you will tell some tips which you will implement on your website, you will also get the results. You will have to be in-engine optimization

SEO helps us in the ranking, it is very important to color our website in Google,

so it is very important to take special care of it so that WordPress SEO can improve our tips by bringing more and more traffic to your website.

From traffic movie search engine

WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners

If you create a blog for yourself on any website, the first thing you will do is touch WordPress for yourself. Within WordPress, you get a variety of features, WordPress SEO tips

within which you can bring search engine optimization of the ultimate way inside your WordPress. You can optimize your WordPress property well, is WordPress good for SEO

set that center contact table, you can navigate easily and create an ultimate WordPress page

Whenever you create your blog posts,

to create a super blog post within your WordPress, what steps should the beginner have to follow and I am going to tell you to step by step, you have to follow those tips inside your blog post.

Create a table of content

By the way, you come to the bed, you install the plugin on top of the website and by setting it, it will automatically create a table of content on its own website.WordPress SEO settings

You can create the content of the table on the blogger itself by looking like that, a secret step by step like WordPress site, you can also optimize like this above blogger. which are the best SEO tools for a WordPress site?


Hello, Friends Welcome to my master blogging block, Today’s blog is about to talk about how to follow WordPress tips.

Which step should a beginner follow in detail in starting and in advance

Inside WordPress, it also comes inside SEO, which you must follow, tell about your blog, tell about yourself inside the introduction,

and tell me about the article which is going to be your trophy today. Surprise topic can be given in the introduction

Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners in 2021

What is SEO?

What is SEO? This is a machine. Search engine optimization. Whenever a person searches on Google or above any search engine,

then the engine optimizes it and gives that topic to him there. It would be amazing for search engine optimization. But to learn this,

you should first come to the SEO if you do not know it, then you can learn through a course or you can find videos all over the world through YouTube,

you can learn from them by creating the ultimate WordPress blog post. Can publish

What is SEO

Search engine optimization, it is very important to get a website to color the device on Google, you must take it as a blog or SEO through a video, it is very important to top your block.

Why SEO is important

Whenever you search any topic on Google, according to your search engine on top of the search engine, then the engine will show you the same team today

and you must have typed your keywords in there and then it is amazing that it will be like this It is very important for a blogger to understand SEO for every

WordPress user for every blogger and it’s amazing that you can see it whenever you put keywords, this party cooler has made a topic on it and you optimize well.

If you have written a block post, then you will be more definitively on Google, for that you will have to understand how to do SEO. Answer any post that is written on top of your blog,

to make it run inside Google, you have to get such a lot. It is important to have more than 200 factors inside it, understand them slowly,

first, you understand the main factor, which will help your website SEO to get ranked on Google and this is what is SEO Why SEO is important

Basics of WordPress SEO

Do basic SEO image of your website WordPress and inside it well the title of the home page, description of the home page,

tell about your website, install theme plugin properly, its themes should be absolutely lightweight and the plugin is also good Should have no viruses in them and by designing them,

you will start to write the article on your WordPress continuum after the website and then you will get a lot of things inside the basic SEO,

but what is in mind in designing a website, designing WordPress Easier with the help of plugin and this is the basic of WordPress SEO

Going to WordPress settings,

you have to make some settings which you can do by watching through a video tutorial, it is a practical thing to see,

if you see it through such a photo then you can understand but maybe some people don’t understand, then I sat I want you to go to our YouTube channel and watch the video and make it a WordPress setting,

what you need to do within it is to go to Fast Open Settings and go to Reading, except Generation and Writing, and search engine visibility Have to uncheck

Using SEO Friendly URL Structures in WordPress

Your link should be user-friendly,

this feature is easily within WordPress, you can change it easily,

you have to keep it, you can see the post name photo, you can keep it according to it if you can find your problem. In posting blog posts

WWW vs non-WWW WordPress site

WWW vs non-WWW

The URL structure of your WordPress blog website is HTTPS double slash www. dot

should be the name of your website,

this increases the chances of ranking more in the search engines of your website, so this tip is definitely the one to follow SEO. Is a factor

The Best WordPress SEO plugin

To give an ultimate look inside your WordPress website you will need a great plugin called Yoast SEO plugin After installing,

you will do a lot of your work like optimizing your website

and it gives you an advantage that through this plugin you get a request to submit your website to Google search engine from there.

SEO WordPress plugin

You can go and submit your website in Google Settings Console by going to General Settings through it and after that,

you can create your blog on a WordPress site through this technique easily, WordPress SEO without plugin

so it is a very beneficial plugin though if It also comes for free in WordPress,

it has very few features and premium plugging. It has a lot of features inside it, Yoast SEO WordPress

you have to take a premium to give the best WordPress look so that you can help your WordPress easily You can get your WordPress website

Add XML Sitemaps in WordPress


With the help of this planning, the sitemap will be easily created on your side.

What does the sitemap often do is that Google keeps ordering the search engines to see what is new on your website and what corner of your website?

-What things are kept which files are sent to Google by the day after tomorrow,

he sends a signal to Google and Google comes and optimizes all those files on your website,

whether it is category, post block title,

I am a new hotel. By calling everyone, on top of your Google, he gets your website to show the full meaning to the user.

Add Your Site to Google Search Console

Add Your Site to Google Search Console

Go to Yoast’s journal option Click on the annual Google search console Dashboard Dashboard feature Integration webmaster tool and after that,

you will have four search engine shows from which you have to click all of the Google search engines by clicking

Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners(Step by Step

the name of your website on the search engine

From there you will get the HTML code which you have to paste that HTML code inside this empty box and verify your website.

And after that when your website is submitted to Google Search Console Center that creates your block website on the site,

go to Fight also and go directly to the search console and submit sitemap underscore XML inside the sitemap

Doing Keyword Research for Your Website

Now your work is done after deleting in the side,

then to make a regular article for your blog, you will have to search for topics on it, you will have to do keyword research,

you will have to take different types of tolls. Google is the biggest tool. The question can also be used by air,

from there you can find a topic that will help you to do your keyword research below that,

on top of that, you will have to visit our YouTube channel.

The name of the

YouTube channel is Digital Shubham Sharma go and visit the YouTube channel and start searching only for yourself.

Optimizing Your Blog Posts for SEO

While you will have to search for Word, if you find it,

then when you make an article, optimize it well for that and then polish it inside your blog WordPress,

make it good that the words are good, make a nice photo,

put photos in it to see all these things Key syrup is through video, we have made a video on it,

how to write an article within Hindi

and how to write an article in English. How to write how to create description and category

Make Internal Linking a Habit

To optimize it for your WordPress blog post, you will have to do internal linking, which will be your block posts and link them,

you have to do this blog post for every blog post,

you have to link your old posts to the new post. Continuing to keep what happened,

what happened to you,

the user experience will not be spoiled, the user will not run away from your website quickly,

which will give you maximum engagement and ranking inside Google will be as much as that of your website,

then you definitely have to do this work for yourself.

Doing internal linking and external linking inside WordPress when you are writing your blog above the blog post

NoFollow External Links in WordPress

If you have any other website, then give it an external linking on your blog post,

give it a low follow backlink if you use that website very rarely and have maintained it as if you have been printed in the medium.

Done can give them 9 Nofollow backlinks from your blog so that your WordPress blog plays a huge role in article search engine optimization,

then you definitely have to create a no-follow backlink for your blog.

nofollow attribute looks like this:

<a href="http://example.com" rel="nofollow">Example Website</a>

and do-follow backlinks for websites

And you will also have to create two follow backlinks for your website, the hand will be the topic of your block,

you will have to create backlinks according to the ones you have searched for the block. How to create backlinks how many backlinks

Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners(Step by Step

Optimizing Images in WordPress for SEO

While creating a blog post, you will need a photo of your blog,

for this, I will tell you to use a canvas, create your image like we have made above,

you can also create such an image and give its title description of all taxes.

It is very important to do an SEO and it plays a lot in the ranking and it is also an actor of search engine optimization, so definitely follow it

Start Using SSL/HTTPS

And to make your WordPress blog look like a good Ultimate,

beginners must install HTTP S on it. This HTTPS certificate you have to buy is available for free with hosting.

You have to use it, you will get an SSL certificate provided for free, otherwise many plugins also come but you can install

Security and Safety of Your WordPress Site

To save your WordPress website for safety,

you will have to install some plugins which will provide security to your website.

You should start earning from your website because in order to make your website fully secure,

you will need a security plugin and you have to buy it.

Keep this in mind especially that security is fast earning next.

Hack your website to protect it so that it can not hack your website that no one is able to hack. For this, it is very important to install a security plugin.

If you do not,

then one day you will be caught and you will make a tax problem on the top of your website,

you will never be able to run, you will do all your hard work in water,

one day you should take special care of security.

More SEO Tools and Resources for WordPress 

Now you will need a variety of tools for your WordPress website.

It is very important to have a pre-needed tool. You will not have the tool,

so you will not be able to rank your WordPress blog website easily on Google,

for that, you will have to invest a little bit. Many people even offer these things to some people

To increase traffic, tolls will be required,

which are the best, we have put an Already article on them, you can read them,

rate them and how to increase the maximum traffic

on your website so that more people can be called to your website. Maybe we will learn these ways,

you will find the article on top of our block,

just keep signing up on our block so that you have a notification from time to time call. She will go through notifications

Speed and Security for WordPress SEO

The speed of your website should be very good.

As I have said before, do a lightweight theme, at least install the plugin. We have WordPress inside the website,

you will find plugins for easy optimization. Install those plugins,

WP Rocket is installed. Installing it, although you will have to buy this plugin by paying money,

if you want, you can contact them,

we will provide you this plugin, but website speed is the biggest factor for a search engine optimization to be the highest speed website.

That will be the highest rank on Google, number one especially keep in mind your website speed

Full Posts vs Summaries or Excerpts

When your blog post is completely ready to publish for reading on Google, then you have to first make your blog post customer easy.
  • Post a block post has to give a lot of time to write,
  • if it is to be run then you can get a lot of problems,
so keep it in mind especially write your website block post easily by step by step and then Sunrise Publish it on Google
keyword Density on website 

Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners(Step by Step

It is very important to have keyword density,
the tea inside your website, whether your website is on Blogger or WordPress,
and it makes a lot of difference within Tenacity SEO,
so you must keep this thing in mind. Keep keyword density within a thousand vertical 2/3 If you do not use more words than this,
then you can use more articles, then you can use more,
but the title is, use it once or twice. Many beginners do not know that they do not understand the meaning of keyword density and they create
their title in their website which is their main keyword and they keep using that title again and again. This article is such that some people are particularly careful,
if not this thing,
then you may be less likely to be ranked again, you should use more keywords in the article,
but should be similar to what is the main word.
If you get more posts in the ranking,
if your block is a post, it plays a lot more role in SEO.
Titel How many words can the title keep on the website
Your main title, which plays a lot within SEO,
Google knows that your article is going to be on top of it,
make your main keyword well within the title and your main keyword your title is the most.
You can use the unique tool
to create a title and then enrich it and put it on top of your blog post on top of the main title. Remember that your main title is prick h1,
then you will get the tenacity of it If you want to keep it in the middle of 70,
keep it till 60, then don’t keep it too much for you, it also plays a lot in the SEO.
description How many words should the blog post description below 
When you create your blog post inside a website within your blog post,
you will optimize it well after premiering it, you have to see many things.
How big is the title tag description?
You have to keep it between 120 words,
  • do not keep more than you, the description matters very much within your website SEO,
then definitely put your description correctly,
do not use it too much, you keep making mistakes. Let’s put in this mistake, we have made a mistake,
we have suffered from this, and if we have seen less than this, then if there is a profit,
then you should take special care of this thing inside your WordPress and the same rule applies in Blogger. inside

Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners(Step by Step

Tags add your website 
And inside your website, you can put a single man’s word,
don’t put too many tags inside the teller, but only 4 to 5 tags inside your WordPress tag,
also, make a lot of difference inside running your website posts.
Within SEO, you must use them at least,
  • and then later add them to the description one by going to the Tech section,
if you plan the tag and want to avoid this majesty
then do not use tech again just your blog Optimize the post very well and put these keywords inside it.



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