top 10 web hosting companies in india

Top 10 web hosting companies in india Best Web Hosting India” – December 2020-2021 Top 10 Best Web Hosting Providers in India (Ranked!) No 1 Today the world is becoming digital,

in such a way that everyone has to get their business online, then someone has to build their business online, in such a way, they have to build a good website,do you know that the best hosting company is When building an online business, you have to get a good hosting and domain according to your company.

First of all, you have to know which angle provides hosting company which hosting service is the best inside India. Hosting inside that provides good provision Before taking hosting, it is definitely necessary to think about how big my business is, but it would be wrong to take such a big hosting, rather it is the best hosting top 10 web hosting companies in india

These 10 hosting companies that have good service and customer service inside

This hosting is also true in world level, if you build your brand then
If you sow with these 5 hosting companies of India, you will run your site automation server in many parts of Asia, every hosting company has its own location server, you will get the server location voice of these 5 companies and any one of these 10 hosting If you sow too, the server will get you Asia

Best Hosting In India 2020

  • 1 Hostinger – Best for storage space
  • 2 Bluehost – Best for customer service
  • 3 HostGator – Best all-around India web hosting provider
  • 4 Siteground – Highly recommended with good budget
  • 5 A2 Hosting – Best Overall Web Hosting

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Top 10 Best Web Hosting Providers in India Happy New year 2021

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Best Affordable & Fast Web Hosting in India

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Top 10 Best Web Hosting Providers in India Happy

No 1 Hostinger: Best Hosting In India (₹59/mo.)

#1. Hostinger: Best Hosting In India (₹59/mo.)

Hosting company here is very popular if you buy this hosting, according to your budget you will get their Sport 24 all the time Their sport system is good, you get a domain and crop certificate free after taking a lot of hosting.

  • Get 30 days money back guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Free domain name
  • Backups for free 7 days
  • Reliable uptime and fast server hosting
  • Free Bitninja security & SSL certificate
  • Single-click WordPress installer

About Hostinger This is a popular company in 10 companies and it is the daughter who has accumulated her post within the market for the past few years, because it is very good hosting as well as a lot of user support. Present uptime is 15000 to million and users use it and their service is very good.

Pricing: If you talk about rising, then it makes the flight from hosting company and hosting company in the best price of better hosting. There are 3 plans of it. Within ₹ 60 statue you will not get domain and horse and SSL but And it will all be free

Uptime: If you are running multiple websites within this website, then if you are running such a good looking 9 percent 5 FM radio steel company, because of this you will never run 99 percent uptime guarantee.

My Personal experience There is no shortage of this hosting for the last 2 years and neither company I like it, only 8 to 10 companies give good service, I have 100 websites associated with this company, which I also have good money If the hosting is good, then the user is also disappointed, I have never had a problem, in this hosting, the world second largest hosting company is also unique.

No 2 BlueHost: Good Hosting for WordPress (₹199/mo.)

No 2 BlueHost: Good Hosting for WordPress (₹199/mo.)

About BlueHost If you want to use Bluehost, news about Blue Hosting Company, then you are the best in the top ten, you can use it and its plus body is that it is also one of the five hosting that is Top One within India Comes and gives 99% of its time

Pricing: Talking about prizing, you will get a basic plan. 2 points at 75 $ month and end plan is posted 5 point 451 $ 3 that if you use it in your code English, you will see battery features and progress in it.

Uptime:For any website to run, it should have time to go live on Google and it should not be 99%. If a website is low in the end of Google, then Google makes it special, that means it removes that website. From the first page, therefore, you should be above 90, the best server time of voting.

Features: Talking about the feature, if you buy by hosting from these, then you will be given 50 GB SSD storage space with free SSL certification and you will also be given an email option to do an email account and you will also be given free domain registration which is for 1 year. Happens to be


This hosting company 5 hosting companies in India 25 washing companies see these India map rider companies, it comes within those five companies and this company,

I have personally used this company hosting and hosting of this company is excellent. It is very good and it gives you a lot of good features as well, you can buy them inside you, 

by watching sting by the host towards this company, you can try once to try hosting of this company. I will inform you that it is a must visit Bluehost once

No 3. Hostgator: Fast & Secure Host (₹99/mo)

Hostgator Fast & Secure Host

About Hostgator:And comes at number three hospital. It is also very good posting on Fast and Secure. You will get hosting here for ₹ 99 per month. I liked this hosting very much and I reviewed it so it is very good. I have used this hosting. And this is what they love with quite a four table reliable and good excellent with speed and 24 * 7 live sport is Weta

Pricing:Talk about flying, if you talk about its money, this hosting starts from ₹ 99 Monthly and its time is hundred percent, you must try this hosting company once you are ori you get free migration SSL with backup and this pandal. On this day 45 days also provides the facility of money back guarantee, if you like their hosting, then you can continue if you do not like it, then you can take the benefit of 45 days and also withdraw money by checking their hosting.

Uptime:Talking about time, it guarantees 99% lifetime. If you use their hosting, after using hosting, many things will be troublesome. If you take hosting of these companies, then you will not face such problems Because there is a dependence on the hosting, the speed of our website also makes the website very high for the user, it is very important for the user to have a lot of time website now and the day and website comes within 25 companies and now the fitting company within India Comes



  • 100% Uptime hosting
  • Reliable Technical Support
  • Free Migration, SSL, Backup
  • 45 Days Money-Back Guarantee hosting
  • Free Domain Name with free ssl
  • Free Cpanel & Website Migration hosting
  • User-Friendly Functionalities
  • Unmetered Space And Bandwidth


  • High Renewal Rate
  • No-Free SSL on Basic Plan

No 4. SiteGround: Best Host ($3.95/mo.)

SiteGround Best Host

About SiteGround Siteground Hosting This company provides very good hosting providers. If you see hosting of this company using this company, then it is very good for you. This company started its environment in 2004. This company was started today. Can see 2,800 million domains registered on top of it  2,000,000 domains so far within a very short period time.

SiteGround Pricing Talking about the price, it keeps its price slightly better than the hosting company and companies, because the first prize money of this company,

which is its first plan, the hosting company starts at $ 3.5 , and the monthly round goes on. Goes up to 14 point 95, if you register by giving this kind of hosting and start one time over it,

then you will have a lot of benefit to see the registration process, you must know once and after that you will be able to qualify Can make very good money


Speaking of time, friends, it is very important for you to have the speed of hosting, and it matters which your hosting company is taken by which company, within which company your hosting is registered and your server as registered.

From which location are these five companies, their server location is also good and these are updated from time to time but your location will remain the saber location of your website where you have set it and it is the cost of your website Time gives 99. 9 and if you are having a problem due to any reason, you can talk to them 24 * anytime, through email, through customer support.

SiteGround Features


  • Good Uptime (99.99%) hosting
  • Extremely Fast Servers 
  • Stable Page Load Time (673ms)
  • Top Notch Customer Support 24hr
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • Free SSL, Email
  • CloudFlare’s CDN (90 Countries)


  • No-Free Domain on Basic Plan
  • Higher Renewal Rates

No 5. A2 Hosting: Fastest Server (₹228.03/mo.)

A2 Hosting Fastest Server

About A2 Hosting:A2Web Hosting This company has been working inside India since 2001 and this hosting company is doing very well so far, it comes within the 5 best companies within Hosting India. If you want to try its hosting, then you Definitely try costing for it. Trying to host a hosting company from a meeting, you can use different ones to check, but this hosting company is very good a2hosting

A2 Host Pricing If your website is big enough, if your website is a news like website and there is a lot of good traffic inside your website, if you have millions of traffic inside your website then you must take this hosting because this hosting starts from 299 Monthly Office. Can Try Austin It Is Within Best Hosting And Has Great Support Also

A2 Hosting Features:

Before taking any holding, we should know about its feature, it is very important to go to the feature, for this you can search on Google the way you are reading this.


  • 24/7/365 Customer live Support 
  • Free Site Migrations hosting
  • Compatible CMS
  • Green Web Hosting 
  • Free SSDs Included
  • Best For Europe, USA & Asia
  • 20x Faster Servers
  • Free SSL & Offline Backups

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No 6. iPage: Cheap Web Hosting ($1.99/mo.)

iPage Cheap Web Hosting

About iPage This company was started in 1998. Within India, the total comes to five companies in India and this company is hosting hosting provider for a very good time till 2020 and this company has more than two lakh websites register and has a very good score on this website. If you are looking for business, then you can also go towards the post. This is an Indian company and is the best company and it has the best revenue today and the support time is good for the customer. Live Sport 24 Hours

Monthly holding of iPage hosting company starts at $ 1.9 and you must try its hosting once you get very good and you will also get table hosting.

Uptime:This holding company, if you post your website with this hosting company with this hosting company, do your website, then its the page you came in time, its double 9 point is 96 percent of the time, and it is also very good with the customer impress Stay this hosting company is good, almost you will get good support. Your website will be able to run at 24 hours rank easily, the speed time and up time of the website will remain up.

My Review

I have tried the hosting of this company, I have got very good hosting and my website used to stay with me 24 Howrah bridge was great, there was no problem in it, my website used to stay for 24 hours.Some features for this day


  • Strong Uptime of 99.96% hosting 
  • Website Builder
  • Good Customer Support
  • Free Domain with
  • Free SSL
  • Cheap, Inexpensive Hosting
  • Third-Party Application Support

No 7. InMotion: Best Web Host ($3.99/mo.)

InMotion Best Web Host

About InMotion Hosting In Motion Company Web Hosting Company This is a very good company. This company was started in India in 2001, today this company has made its home of more than three lakh domains of domain and posting of this company is quite affordable. And if you take on behalf of this company at the level of signaling, then it is good for your business as well, even if you are new, this hosting company will be right for you, now is also good time This is an Indian company that challenges you to offer 90 days money back guarantee.

Uptime And because of this company's army's much more domain registered updates, this hosting company gives good time to its customers, it does not let any customer's website down because its time you have is 99 percent 9 now you time Also the hosting of this company does not go down and its pricing is monthly, its pricing is $ 3 monthly and it offers only two plans, you can check out its website.

My Review I have used the hosting of this company and this day of this company is quite good. I have at least 15 websites running on this company and I am getting good response of 15 websites of those company, this is some of its features which if you If you buy, you will also get a feature 


  • 400+ Integrations
  • Free SSL with Domain
  • SSD Drives On All Plans
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Email
  • DDOS Protection
  • Free private SSL certificate
  • Free Website Builder


  • Starting Fees Not That Low
  • No CDN Is Included
  • Delayed Verification Process

No 8. GreenGeeks: Eco Web Host ($2.95/mo.)

GreenGeek is at this web hosting business

About GreeGeeks :This hosting is one of the best hosting companies and this hosting has been inside India for quite some time and this company was started in 2008, today this company has made its name in more than one hundred plus country and there are quite a few inside this company. This company has built more than 10 million domains in its home and many people are running their website on it, whose website is making good response and good money, so hosting of this company is also very good and this company will give you 30 days of money. Has offered the challenge of back guarantee

Uptime: If you talk about time, this company has 99% 9 days a day, no user has got any problem from this company, yet the speed of the website of the battery user does the matter, which company is that company It is that guy who has taken it, so it is well that these 5 companies are from these companies, you will get good time for your website and you will also get Live Sport 24 Hours here.


If you register your domain with this company, you will get some of its features well, you can see the feature only.


  • Average Uptime – 99.98%
  • Unlimited SSD Space & Bandwidth
  • Good Support customer
  • Free Site Builder
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Free SSL & Cloudflare CDN


  • High Renewals Price
  • Phone Support Isn’t 24/7
  • No Asian DataCentre

My Review

I have hosted 10 of my website with this company and it is giving me very good response because my website has not been down to date. This website is the very best Guddu posting company that gives hosting

No 9. GoDaddy: For Small Businesses (₹99.00/mo.)

About GoDaddy By Go Daddy, this company is known for its domain name inside India and this company is a very good domain bridal company and if you buy your domain as well as posting with this company, then from here you will be very good Response will also be available to you. If you are a little aware, if you are new, if you are a new person inside digital marketing and you want to learn, then hosting of Godaddy website will be very good for you because the hosting is very good and also You will also find domains coming

Pricing: Talking about the price, you can get 2 men and ghost for how much hosting, which gets your Exo for ₹ 50 or Monthly and you get a hosting monthly for up to ₹ 500, but together you can get it here after 2 You will have a domain, you should brother the domain mostly from the website of this company because this company provides 2 months and very good domain and along with support, you also get life support here 24 Hawa customer life support is also available in English language.

Uptime: Go Daddy is well known for its name, it is a very good domain provider service company, and its time which you have time for the customer is quite sitting 99% 9 It has given every company but the maximum companies sleep It is a company that writes on sleep, so the hosting company is good. If you are a new person, then Go Delhi should try for you first. Very cheap and very good too.

GoDaddy Features

If you buy hosting and domain from Godaddy, then you also get some features from Godaddy, we have to see these features first. Is it free for us to post or will we have to pay for it before taking hosting? This feature needs to go with any company


  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Good Uptime – 99.97%
  • Great Page Speed – 554ms
  • Free Additional Services
  • Good Live Chat Support
  • Easy To Use


  • Support Is Slow
  • No Automatic Backups
  • No Migration Service
  • Limited Lowest Plan
  • Upsells & High Renewal Fees
  • Confusing Money-Back Guarantee
  • No SSL

10. CloudWays: Best For eCommerce ($10/mo.)

Our last and last hosting company is Cloud Web Hosting. You must have heard the name of this company. It is a very good hosting provider within India and it has been a long time. It is a very good company.

About CloudWays This hosting company is a very good hosting company and it is running in the market within a considerable time. If you want to start your small business, then you can also type with this company and this company is known for domain and hosting.

 Both types of things will be available to you in this company, it has also been used very well in hosting the company and has been using for quite some time, till date I did not think any problem from the company, I did not have any problem with it. So the hosting of this company is very good, in a large number of millions, the domain is registered here.

Pricing Talking about money, this price offers $ 10 monthly hosting pride and its hosting company hosting provider service is very good, if you make a news website and you have a lot of good traffic then you definitely have your company The hosting website should register here because this company has a lot of power in hosting and it has the ability to handle at least millions and millions of people and its time is still hundred percent. This hosting never goes down go

Uptime Now talking about time, this hosting guarantees you 100% of your time. Full Life Support 24 Hour If you are facing any shortage or any problem inside your website, then it will inform you by mail and The speed of your website also matters how good you have hosting, the better the website will fly like a rocket, more and more people can handle this website because the speed and hosting speed of its website is very good. You give your time

CloudWays Features

Before taking the hosting of any company, we have to look at some features as well and its money value is also seen. Is it right for us and within this money are we giving us how many features the hosting company is giving us So this is some of the features that you get from this company and this hosting company falls within the Top 10 Best Companies


  • Free 3-Day Free Trial Period
  • Insanely Fast Servers
  • Easy To Use Control Panel
  • 24/7 Support & Live Chat
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • One Click Staging For WordPress
  • Free WordPress Caching Plugin
  • Very Easy To Set Up


  • Doesn’t Include Email Hosting
  • Lacks File Manager
  • Support Can Be Technical
  • No Domain Registration Option
  • Limited Server Access


If you get hosting from any company, then you have to look at some things and have to do a good search about which companies give me good posting and people have given reviews on this company.

 So these companies are within the top ten best web hosting companies in India and if you are reading this article through our YouTube video,

then subscribe to our channel and you can also sign our website so that Notification of time to time pass OK Thank you so much rating for medical, what kind of information you need to tell in the comment, we will definitely bring that kind of article for you,

 while taking the domain, what are the things to be kept in mind while taking the domain above But you can understand that you can start your own small business,

 by typing with these hosting companies from today, you can also make a good affiliate commission for yourself by connecting with these companies.

Thanku so much

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