how to make money blogging for beginners

How to Make Money Online for Blogging in 2021; How to Make Money Online from Blogging

How to make money online for blogging in 2021,

how to earn money from online blogging,

 can you earn money online within 2021 Hello Friends Topic is going to be quite interesting. 

Stay up to the last on the article. Do not miss any information because today we We are going to give you the best tips on how to earn money from online blogging.

We will tell you 10 ways that you can make how to make money online. Top 10 Best Online Will be solved via blog post

how to make money blogging in india (step no 1)

Blogging is a very good platform in a very good platform and inside India, most people like to do blogging inside English,

often a lot of competition in English and a lot of monkeys also earn money but it has to work a lot of hard work. After that,

you start making good money, but there is a lot of scope inside Hindi also, if you can work inside Hindi,

 then it is okay but there is one thing inside Hindi but there is less traffic Where you will get traffic and where you will get money,

you will definitely come, if you go in this way,you will get more traffic, you will start getting more money one day or the other.

 You must start making money online by selecting your topic within English or Hindi.

how to make money blogging fast:  And this platform can be very good for the blogger's beginner and the person can also earn fast to easy money in it very fast,

how to make money blogging for beginners

if he has a little knowledge about blogging, then I have created this article for the blogger only.

 Can easily understand how the big businessman can earn his business online fast to make money online,

then this 10 tips to follow Justin, he is going to tell you that every beginner must follow and follow them. The result will be understood from start to finish.

How to start a blog wordpress vs blogger :First to create a unique block for yourself,

you can go to WordPress and Blogger, you can create a website on it, blog can be created,

 the blogg is made by humans and the WordPress blog website is also made by humans,

 so this is what I mean before you make a website Before you take a blog ,

 before you take a domain, you have to select one of your interests to find out what my interest is in.

On top of that, you have to select a name for your blog and get the domain. Start on WordPress or you can start on Blogger.

This is your wish, free of cost in Blogger is you have to invest in WordPress, but WordPress is the best

how to start a blogger: And if you want to start on Blogger, you have to sign up for Blogger first. Sign up with your email ID,

 then create a free blog on it. For free block, you have to find unique name and enter its unique name title.

Enter the URL of your name and after that select the team and create the block,

according to the photo you can see the way it is inserted in the photo, you have to select it in the same way.

how to make money blogging for beginners

And if you want to start on Blogger

Buy now Domain godaddy

how to make money blogging for beginners

Search by unique name for your blog by typing dot com

you will go to Godaddy's website, to take the name of your blog for your domain,

 then you have to check it according to the photo and select your domain name.

The domain name will be between 500 to 1000. If you see this kind of option, you can never pay that much money,

if you want to take the domain for free, then you should be hosting. Domain has to be free with hosting,

with which you also get extra bonus after buying the domain.

Search by unique name for your blog by typing dot com

After leaving the domain with Godaddy, you can connect with Blogger for this. Watch a practical video for this.

Within the video you will understand how to select a domain. There is a lot of recording to be done.

You will get to paste it from Blogger to Godaddy to Godaddy by blocking the domain and within 1 hour your blog will be connected to Go Daddy's account domain from Permanent Delhi,

 so this is how you connect your domain from Go Daddy to your blogger For this,

 watching a video tutorial is definitely a practical thing in it, it has been said to do practical things.

how to start blogging for beginners: And then your block account will go live in this way after 1 hour and your blog,

 will go live on Google, to work, you will have to do some work first, it is very important to understand it,

 then after that speak your post which you will put All of that above your block will appear above Google,

so you have to work in this way, now how to start a blog, now it is to see the beginner, step by step, learn through the article.

how to make money blogging for beginners

How to start a blog wordpress : If you want to create a website on WordPress, 

you will have to buy a domain hosting for that website, I just do a side for this, you have to go to that website,

you will have to buy some plans for that. You go to your hosting account again and go to the dashboard. After the dashboard,

you will have to keep your website a unique name and install WordPress by keeping its password and username.

Step 1 Niche Before you start for your WordPress blog first you have to see what talent is in me and which work I can do which I like to do,

 according to which you can choose a name for yourself. Which blog is called low or can say what things people need inside the market and people are not getting it,

 then you can use it by making a weapon of yours, that is, by making a thing of your people You can complete through your blog how he will first purchase the domain for it,

as much as hosting and you will have to write a regular article about what you have caught according to people's requirements above your blog.

Step 2 domain and hosting And when you have selected this for yourself, then you will also have to buy hosting and women for yourself,

so that you will get two ment buy and hosting within just ₹ 3000 Which website is the best website in the world that your website You can go to that name,

that is you go to this website, after going to this website, you will have three options.

 And extra bonus will be available for free with domain hosting there.

People have some questions, we have selected 7 to 8 different types of questions about WordPress,

all these types of solvents are easily simple and step and they will be easily understood through this article.

type#1 how to start a blog wordpress free
Ttpe#2 how much does it cost to start a blog on wordpress
Type#3 how to start a blog using wordpress
Type#4 how to start a
wordpress blog on bluehost
Type#5 how to start a blog on wordpress and make money
Type#6 how to start a
wordpress blog with siteground
Type#7 how to start a new
blog on wordpress
Type#8 how to start a wordpress blog the right way
Type#9 how to start a wordpress blog uk

Buy now hosting with free domain extra bounce

Buy now hosting with free domain extra bounce 

how to make money blogging for beginners

Select the scoring plan of your budget, you can do one of the 3 according to what you like,

make ₹ 60 to build a website, if you want to make it for others, do more.

chack photo

Select the scoring plan of your budget, you can do one of the 3

And when your domain and hosting are both done, then after you buy,

what you need to do is login to your hosting account and go to the hosting account.

Will connect with if not, then connect with hosting to be simple to easy. How do you see the photo?

Select your domain and password in step2 and then click on Add Up

how to make money blogging for beginners

When your website is also connected, after that you have to click on the dashboard. As soon as you start,

you will see dashboard users and all kinds of features in front of the dashboard,blogging advice for beginners

one of those features will be auto install wordpress backup file manager.

When you have connected your website with hosting, you do not have to connect any robot 2D X E N D N H file with the domain as you would have seen in more videos.

blogging on wordpress

Brother, inside this we will have to go to the DNS and do not have to do it,

because if you have purchased the hosting and domain from the same platform,

then it is interconnector text created by the same company, you just have to connect it.personal blogging for beginners tips

 And the website has to start within a single click, just this simple There is a step and there is so much benefit,

it is an advantage to take hosting from the same company and take it from the same company,

if you take hosting, it is free with it.

how to make money blogging for beginners
guide to blogging for beginners Hpanel 

Step 3

guide to blogging for beginners Hpanel

how to make money blogging for beginners
After that, go to scroll down and in the last you will see an option of a photo install A and click on it.

After that, you add a nice password ID above the website, your block name and your email ID,

 and keep these four things well written on your diary because you will need it again and again if you miss it.

If done, you will get a lot of problem. You will never be able to open your website again.

 Remember the email ID and password of the account above which you have logged in to Hosting Hosting and your user name and email id Remember his password too

Step 5 title  Keep a good title for your website, keep a short title, put the name of your blog in your website title and after that you have to follow the next step.

Step 6 username Usernames for your website, when you open your website again or at any time of the day or night,

 you will not only need a username, along with that you will also need a password to keep your username,

 a username that no one has. Can not see nor tell your username to anyone because it will hack your website and your website may be in danger again,

so remember to keep your user name and password a bit and keep it with you with a little safety and If you are careful,

please keep your name and password correctly in full.

Step 7 passwords And the password comes after you create a username for yourself,

 the password comes whenever you open your website any time of the day or night.

When you open it, you will need a user name and password at that time.

The only thing to remember is what I have entered, you can see this photo like this on your username

, this kind of photo will be in front of you, the photo which is going on below,

the admin and user name should enter their name in this way and will have to open by opening the password.

Every time the website is to be opened whenever the website is closed and people do not forget to log out and then login its power,

you have the authority to login, you only have to remember its password and keep a long strong password

which you Remember to be able to say that this means that no one can hack another person,

a lot can be seen in the world of internet if you wish you well

Step 8 email id Email ID: Are you going to create a website or a website or you have to login?

 The biggest important role of email ID remains for every website, whether to create a website or to login,

there is nothing without an email ID. For your website, which is made on the box below,

you can see in the photo above, do not enter the email ID. 

It is very important to enter the email ID so that whenever a problem comes to your website,

you will be notified by email, you have a notification company.

You will be sent by that the problem is coming to your website. Someone is hacking the guy's website.

1711 Whatever the problem will be, you will be told by the company and the company's server power is so good that someone can hack it so easily.

 That you will not be able to just take care of your website, it is very important to take care of the website

Step 9 blogging tips and tricks for beginners How to install and year wordpress

when you are all done then after installing your tree wordpress by clicking install

now just your with in 5 seconds will install wordpress and after that you have to install nice theme plugin inside your website

 You have to take and install SSL certificate on your website and there is a lot of settings, for that you can see a video tutorial inside it,

the basic settings of WordPress or website and how to submit your website to Google search console,

all those videos. Through you will get to see you can go to our YouTube channel,

search on YouTube, digital Shubham Sharma there I have kept a blogging course online for free and have told everything for free and in Lesson Number One,

how to make money blogging for beginners

I have given all the guide how WordPress How to install SSL certificate and how to install destic how to submit your website inside the Google Search Console,

I have told you all the things that are there to see that video and go to YouTube channel, we will understand you all.

Tips 10 blogging advice for beginners

First of all, you have to use your slow down on the website, Generate Press JP Premium Plugin,

and for your website security, you have to use the Plug in Use Security Pro Premium Plugin here,

if you want, you can take it from us only for ₹ 500 If you do not have any money,

then you can give us a comment by going to the YouTube channel and we will provide you the cost free of cost.

how to make money blogging for beginners

how to make money blogging for beginners in 2021 (Step no 2)

What are the chances of earning money online through Big Nco Blogging?

 What are the ways and methods to make money from blogging, so I have told you the first way above.

You can put it on that and the other way that I am going to tell you now, you must follow this method,

 it is going to be very useful for you and you will also get a lot of help

Tips 1 Blogging Affiliate Blogging Verses Appellate When you reply to your blogging as well as blogging,

how to make money blogging for beginners

when people will start working well, good traffic will start coming on your blog,

 then you can lie on it like how a Mysore popular book reader means You can publish a book on your blog of a company and write an article about it,

 then you have double work, here also income and traffic and appellate commission,

 for this you have to create your account on Amazon Vikram Apps After joining,

after joining the associate program, if life will become a product for you to share and together on your blogging,books on blogging for beginners

you can also publish another block post on top of your block so that you There will be a delay in how you can take a charger from them $ 100 $ 200 for one post, yes you can charge so much for one post.

There is a lot of inside blogging, but you have to work in the right way, after that you will be able to do good traffic.

When your people come and start reading people, there will be many bloggers who will need traffic.

For those who have more money and do not understand, you will be perfect to bring traffic,

how to make money blogging for beginners

how can you approach them or you can approach them, for that you will also have to make your own YouTube channel, you have to earn double triple if you want to earn it.

 Now every day you will say that brother, I will publish your blog post on my website,earn money with blogging for beginners

then you can identify with him $ 50 $ 100 after that, if you get $ 100 from 10 people on day one,

then you earn $ 1000 for 1 day. You can see how much you are inside blogging 

Tips 2 freelance blogging jobs for beginners And when you get a close approach,

the money starts coming from the people, then money can also start coming from Google Adsense,

 then you can run a freelancer campaign for that. Freelancer is a website on Google,

you can also use your website for that. If someone wants a job or someone wants traffic to make money by making a check,

 then you can run a campaign for that on freelancer and you can make money from there also,

 then freelancers must do every banner If you want to earn money even then you are a freelancer,

 even if you have to give money to someone, then you must definitely do reliance.

Tips 3 blogging for beginners how to start a profitable blog 

And when your freelancer starts getting money, after that you can make a course on it by growing your YouTube channel and making

 your blogging your blog a professional and you can share your income within the course By creating and within the same website you can invest again and the same Profitable Blog

And then you can go to from there what you can do is to hire a copywriter and a content writer to create another 2

 to 4 blocks for yourself so that you earn double to triple. This is the only way there are other ways to make your blog profitable,

but this was the best way. You can make 4 to 5 blog more than 1 block so that you will earn double triple.

Tips 4 how to make money blogging for beginners quora

Whatsapp, when you will create 5 blocks for yourself, then you must have an account in your quora,

 if you have not already created an account in quora, then go and create an account over it and you can start making money from here too If you have proofed or shown your running once,

people will start following you and will like to read you and your running will continue from there and will continue to pay you and Google Adsense will continue to give you through your blog.

 Do not follow this scheme of earning double money, you must follow this thing

Tips 5 blogging for beginners reddit Reddit is a very popular platform. If you use this platform,

when you create a new block for yourself, then to make use of this traffic for that,

you can use this platform to bring traffic to your website, you can indiscriminate traffic on it If you have any article or any of your videos or it has gone viral,

then there will be so much traffic on your website that your server can also sit, then you must use it,

how to make money blogging for beginners

Reddit is a very good platform to increase your traffic and income.

 You can definitely start making money from here for Make Money Online for Beginner, the correct way is to use it.

Tips no 5: how to make money blogging on tumblr This is a photo sharing platform,

you can create an account on this site, share photos and share articles in the form of text,

 small and you will get traffic and build an authority city for your website, get a backlink for Google.

In view of this, there will be a good fact that you will get a lot of traffic, you can take followers,

you will also be able to create your own social followers from here and you will also be able to subscribe to the Youtube channel and this will increase your earnings again.

Tips no 6: how to make money blogging on pinterest And this platform is also very good.

Pintrest you can share your article over it, you can share photos in the form of small tax, you can share your video,

 you can subscribe to YouTube channel here too. Can make good traffic for your blog,

 if you are doing an affiliate marketing on your blog, then you will get traffic for that too from here and traffic will earn you no more than affiliate marketing,

then this platform to the biggie. You should definitely add it inside your blogging platform, you must use it in the blogging field

Tips no 7: how to make money blogging on facebook Facebook, if you are doing affiliate marketing on your blogging then you will need to be active on social media,

so that you will build a name family and will be your friend and if you share the affiliate on social media, you will not be any more Facebook will grow,

it is a platform where you can earn more profits by running an ad in less money,

you have to go to business dot facebook dot com and create your account there and you can make more profit in less than Rs by adding there Select a product and run an ad by visiting Facebook,

which will make it very easy for you to earn money and as soon as possible you will be able to make such an ad and you can also do it for free by working for orgenic how to make money blogging without ads

Tips no 7: how to make money blogging on instagram Instagram, this is a very good platform for photo sharing platform. By joining Amazon Associate here,

you have produced their program for their Particular 11 but you can share the photo and leave your link there like someone will click on the link from people and your On the website,

he will run, he may load the product, buy the product so that you will get a commission of 10% and your profit will be made within 1 day,

 then you must do Instagram every single blogger within your blogging field if you are blogging If you want to earn money online,

 then you should definitely use Bigger Instagram for making money online.

how to make money blogging for beginners

Tips no 8: how to make money blogging on wix  is very good platform, if you build a website here, it is very good,

free of cost website will be made here and by setting a domain of two and a half ₹ 300, you can also turn off the lights here,

which will give you traffic. Running will increase and more and more people also visit there, that is a lot of traffic there,

you definitely use that platform, you will get such traffic and earning will also be yours,

so beginner must definitely add yaha platform to your blogging fild Must use it inside

tips no 9 how to make money blogging for beginners youtube YouTube channel if seen,

 in case of blogging, YouTube channel's ft road plays, but how long will a YouTube channel be better than blogging,

 it is very difficult to say but I say that blogging is a better platform than YouTube through blogging.

1. niche 

2 How to create a youtube channel hindi & english  

3  Select One Topic According to your talent, start making videos on top of a tipic on which you do not keep blogging or you can put videos according to your talent.

4 logo and arts 

Only you can make good money, but when you all run well, that's why people like to make a blog first,

then your YouTube channel, so if you have made a block, there is also traffic, then you can also make money by creating your own YouTube channel What you need to do to earn,

create an account, create a YouTube channel, select your low-profile blogging on which you trust,

 then create an account, then in the video above the same, above which you are blogging and 1000 subscribers.

And after 4000 hours, your channel will be for monetization and then you start making money from that,

from there you can send traffic to your blog, which incurs your earning.

Tips no 10 medium This platform is also a very good platform. If you do affiliate marketing marketing on top of your blogging,

 then you should definitely add this platform inside your blogging field and you can share the sim article here.

Create a post and share it from here, so that you will get traffic to your website and you can also sell the product directly here,

but you do not harm any other company, medium dot com is a very good platform for you. Must use it

how to make money blogging for beginners

In many other platforms, Facebook has become twitter, London has become SSB, has been digitized,

has not been able to do so, there are many platforms, you can join them and generate traffic there as your tax.

How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners in 2021 Fast to Easy
how to make money blogging amazon and extra best 9+ ways for make money online 

If you are interested in just doing product sales and you like to do this job then you should join the Amazon Associate Program,

on top of that you will get a very good commission from 8% to 10% commission by making it a website Their products will have to be sold on their website,

so that you will get money from them, remember that within 180 days you will have to give them from 3 and your account will be activated again for 1 year.

From 00, you have to give the company to join the associate program, you can watch the same YouTube video tutorial,

 through that you will get a complete understanding and it is a very good platform for the beginner How to make money for blogging.

Step no 1 Shopify you can also make a lot of money from here by creating your account,

by selling the products of these companies through your website and on social media,

you can send the product on those I mentioned above, traffic from there on your website By making a net,

you can make a lot of revenue for yourself, as many of the appellate programmers of all these companies have made articles on all of them.

Join affiliate marketing program, there are free posts, join those that are free and start making good revenue.

Step no 2 google AdSense is a very popular Google platform. If you get your article monetized on top of your block,

Google Adsense, then you will get revenue from there and other things that you are going to do through people.

How will you be able to make your blog above your block, you should know the right way in the right way,

also how to earn money from blogging, this article will continue to be optimized so you should remember this website and make a bull icon in your mind as soon as we You will keep tweeting this article,

 time to time, every time you add a new model, you will reach you at the same time so that you do not have problems in learning more and earning money, you can also do Saina on our website.

Step no 3 Flipkart, you work like Amazon of this platform, it is also an e-commerce company,

you can join its affiliate and you can make a lot of money by selling products from there on top of your website.

One must try this one time, if you like it, then you can continue to do it or else you can do it in someone else. I have made an already article in many platforms.

Step no 4 Software Affiliate Marketing for Beginner If you can learn this too and if you have a little knowledge of Sikar,

then you can go to these websites, search on Google SSB This website sells software. But new software is about to be launched,

 they can be made on Ravi and their website, so that you will get a commission on the purchase by them.

The software company gives a lot of commission. It is a very good applet program for 50 percent to 90 percent.

How to Make Money Online to be Fastest Growing Company in 2021

how to make money blogging for beginners


To earn money online business, you will go to many platforms, if I will deal with the same article in the same article,

then you may face a lot of trouble while reading, so within the next article I will try to tell you more platforms for the article.

Sharing with your friends on social media so that you can also be helped.blogging for beginners course

If you are very bad that I want to learn how to earn money online, from blogging and want to learn blogging closely,

then you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and we are teaching free call course here and you can learn the course and its You can make money through it,

telling a lot of things inside it that we can search us by going on step by step YouTube, our YouTube channel Digital Shubham Sharma

how to make money blogging for beginners

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