how to start blogging in hindi 2021

how to starting blogging, what are the amazing formulas go to  blogging, how can we make our blog ring more and more within,

digital shubham Sharma

and how can a beginner start his own blog What blogs start inside languages Is it easy or difficult to do? Will you get good traffic inside Hindi or will you not get a good English blog or block of Hindi, you can see

Hello friends, welcome to my blog today, it has been at least since 2013 and by 2020, we have made a lot of money inside it but for some reason in the middle, we have not been blogging for 2 years.

You have also seen 2019 and 20 You must have seen us on YouTube, now we are active in blogging stomach and we have been made for good practice ea

 blogging for  in Hindi 2021

you will create and in it, we have earned a lot of money in the past, you are also making money. So friend today that we will know the topic How to go  a blogs  Hindi,

how can we be blocks or Hindi, I will share some information with you to go website   and you will know

how to block it step by step by Hindi languages It is done that we need to keep in mind you need to take care 10 Tips in Hindi Start of Blogging 2021

tips no 1 selected your niche your talent to you according to skills

To start in blog a, first, you have to select your talent, who is in your talent, who is within your scale, you should start making a blog within that,

otherwise, you can also make a blog by learning if there is no talent in it. There is no such target that you do not know whom I should celebrate,

then you can watch the video on the party cooler YouTube and select your low from there,

after that, you can start your blog that. What do you have to do that I think I am the queen in this, the experience is also in this and I think I should start inside it, so yes sister knife in which you feel good,

start to b blog inside the same blogs in HD It is very easy to start, you can put anything and by writing, but it should be worth reading

1 domain Buy a domain first starting a blog

and then you decide whether to start me on Blogger or WordPress, you have two options.  to start a blog in 2021

You will also have to buy a posting to buy the domain, otherwise, you can buy an empty domain, you will get a domain from Godaddy.

Bye-bye, what is there that you have the capacity to handle more traffic within that setting and one gets free SSL, you get a free domain, just from there, it is an advantage.

2 hosting Now let’s talk about the posting of hosting in such a way that the hosting attack can handle good traffic because what happens many times

is that you find the good one whose idea is not even you and that is more and more Ranked and the traffic is very likely to come at that time,

there are millions of people in this traffic, on top of the side, so they can tolerate the traffic hosting, so it is difficult for you to say that if you are new then how much is on your side Traffic will come,

yes I will say that it will not take much time for frequent traffic to come if there is too much traffic, then posting should also be good. Hosting from 3 to 4000 is right for you. By doing similar hosting.

how to start blogging in Hindi 2021

3 Free website create 

You can make a block for free, you can make it for learning if you want us to learn the first block for free, then go to there are blogs taught for free,

you can learn it yourself, and when you don’t It seems that the block has come to me now, you will buy the domain and start the block.

The free website is not saved at all because you can use it to learn, you should make a new one here to earn money.

4 connect a domain to  hosting 

When you buy domain hosting, then add them both together and install the website while installing, you should keep a good

username of yours which you can remember and then give the title of your website a bit and keep the password strong Anyone who can remember and can not hack the password of a hack,

reinstall the website within a click, your website will be installed within 1 minute, after that, a certificate is installed inside your website.

Installing what we call SS Albert is very important above the domain URL of our website,

you must install it. If you take the setting, then you get all these domains and SSL certificates for free.

You get it within ₹ 3000 only and if you use our coupon code then you will get this hosting for just ₹ 2500 you will also benefit. so you must use my coupon code Sharma JI Track


SSL certificates installed on your websites  media tray 

Make sure to install an SSL certificate inside your website after that your website will look better and even inside Google.

its trust factor will increase a lot because your website also promotes more and more websites that would have an SSL certificate.

Do remember and apply with it because it is available for free with posting.

Tips no 5 Theme and plugin install your website

Which team should we theme the user inside your website,

then I first adjust you which themes you should do you can use Estera Pro Generate Press Theme Jannis Premium Theme Theme inside your blog

and this however premium The theme is if you want to use it for free then you can do it for free but you will not get so much to design for free,

then you can buy them premium if you want us to have these themes,

then you can comment Dena, we will make you get this theme free of cost.

Generate a pressing theme inside your blog, install it inside your website with a JP Premium plugin.

Free vs premium theme tips, 

What is the difference between the free and premium theme,

then within the free theme, you can edit anything and more, you can have a problem designing in it,

and for the customer, you do not get it inside the premium You can make a website according to your own beauty according to your desire,

so premium things are very important to make a website professional.

how to start blogging in Hindi 2021

tips no 6 Make sure the security page inside the website

Make these three to four pages inside your website,

if you want to make good money from your website because, in Google’s eyes, that website is quite trustable,

in which pages like privacy-first policy term and condition DMCA contact today are made So this page is necessary,

you must install it inside your website, it will also help you in getting Google Adsense approval.

  • About us
  • contact us
  • privacy policy
  • team and conditions
  • DMCA

Tips no 7 how to create a unique article in Hindi and English 

You can create an article for your blog within Hindi and English,

this article should be written by you yourself, what tours can you use for it and what should you do,

then before searching for an article you should search on Google What keyboard will we use today? As an example, I will show you how to create a blog in Hindi.

how to start blogging in Hindi 2021

Seeing this picture,

you can write on the block article topic like this, find the topic, and make an article on it.

how to start blogging in hindi

Tools unique article create in Hindi and English 

Now you can create articles in Hindi and English,

with the help of this tool,

the name of the school is Google Translate and the name of another tool is You can make unique article every day for yourself from here too

just make English videos for you You have to copy their URL and go to to paste that gender there.

After pasting the gender you will get your article

from there inside the tax form and there you have to optimize that article well.

You have to write in your language or you can write an article by looking at it,

but you should be writing your own, only then you will be able to make good money inside the blogging field.

If you copy others’ articles, then you are at a disadvantage, you can get copyright inside your blog. Google

how to start blogging in Hindi 2021

will never promote a block that uses copy content on its website and can write its own ticket for others. After seeing the tickets,

you can create your own ideas and write them yourself and publish

them inside your website because the article you write is absolutely unique,

it is your own article and within Google, it is also ranked as quickly as possible. And sends traffic so that you will earn the maximum

Tips no 8 articles How many articles can be made on your website to take approval from Google Adsense

10 articles   1000 words create a unique article with short tail kd 5 articles    3000 words create an article medium tail keywords

5  articles   4000 se 5000 words  long-tail LSI keywords short tail and medium keywords use all type

I mean to tell you that if you create this kind of article inside your website,

then Google Adsense Approval will get you the answer, but you will get the Google Adsense

Approval but even after that Google keeps checking your search Whether traffic is coming inside its website,

it does not mean that it just

wants to take approval and nothing else, if you are thinking like this then you are absolutely wrong.

Your account will be disabled at that time. Thinking that I have to make this kind of ticket. Of course, you got an approval on making 10 articles, but you should keep your website

live above the same type of article and keep a good unicorn article always on your website.

Tips no 9  Submit your website blog Hindi blog inside Google search console.

The URL of your website must be submitted by going inside the Google search console, submitting your website

will be submitted from there you will get a vote which you

will have to come and paste in the theme editor of your वेबसाइट after that verify your website with

Google Search Console Otherwise you can use a plugin without going to the Cost Plugin Yoast within this plugin,

it gives you the option to submit your website easily inside the Google Search Console,

you can use this plugin as up is very cool.

After that, make your website on the side and each Baba maintains the article, you go to the URL of all their articles in the search console and submit all those articles. Your website will start coming in

how to start blogging in Hindi 2021

Google analytics 

After Google Analytics, connect your website with Google Analytics, this will tell you how much traffic is inside my website,

how many people are visiting my website,

how many people are reading my website,

the bounce rate of my website What is how long people are staying on my website,

how long are you reading the article, you will also have to submit the same URL property of your website on Google and from there you

will get a code that will come in the theme editor

of your website and test you After that you will have to submit your website google analytics,

just go and keep looking at your traffic report every day,

you will get a complete idea from there, this is the right way to check traffic

Google AdSense 

According to the above mentioned Google Adsense,

then apply your website again for Google Adsense, and after that how many articles have you written,

how many articles have you written on your website within 24 hours or within 2 to 4 days? After doing, how is your website,

what are the deficiencies inside your website and if your website is perfect then you will get Google Adsense Approval,

if there is any deficiency then you will tell it, fix it, and then you will give approval,

after that, you will earn money. Your website gets ready for your website, you have to bring all the traffic to your website.

Tips no 10 How to create traffic inside your website

This question is very often our question, it remains in our mind very much inside the new blogger, so let us tell you that it is very easy to bring traffic inside your website,

for that, you can easily get JCO off-page on the phone of your blog article. You will have to learn and do make backlinks for your website,

create two follow backlinks,

make this sit downlink by paying money and you want to bring free traffic inside your website,

for that,

you will have to work a little bit for this platform social media Check all of them on any platform,

go and check out his entire tutorial inside YouTube and you can see those tutorials and use those platforms. What I use is Cora’s Pinterest Facebook YouTube channel Instagram and much more.


Through this blog article, you will have understood how to start a block on your blog in Hindi, what are the things that are needed in 2021,

and what will be needed by a new blogger to blog in Hindi? It is very difficult to cover all these inside the article because there are too many factors which a blogger has to understand,

then you will start earning money, but first, you will have to learn then start earning money or hope you have a lot It would be nice if you are reading this article,

then you can subscribe to our YouTube channel by visiting our Youtube channel,

we go there and tell about all kinds of articles and tell various tips and tricks. Live above the block above u

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