how to start a blog and make money (my personal Experience)

Hello, friends welcome to my blogging mastery blog and youtube channel,

we have started a new blog on how to start a blog and make money (my personal Experience

From blogging to digital marketing-related social media related things we will put inside the block if you have an interest in digital marketing then you will learn a lot.

how to start a blog and make money (my personal Experience)

This blog is the first blog article of our block, in this article we are going to start at the top of our blog and why we are going to start a blog and why we want to start a blog,

and why we start a block of money. Want to start a blog or start writing your personal hobby

Friends, we have started a blog,

from money-making to money,

we have started a block to earn money from this blog. If you also want to do money-making block school,

then this blog is going to be exactly right for you.

You can get ideas from the people, you can take tips and start your block, how to earn money if you put the same cap,

how to earn money,

then you will refer to the people who can make a separate micron for you.

Today is our fast blog on the upcoming topic to give you accurate information and will tell you some tips to start a blog

Hi, Friends, My name is Shubham Sharma Make Digital Center Pune International Motivational Speaker I am going to teach you how to start speaking how to earn money from the block,

how to do online business, how to do online business, how to get private limited or proprietorships from a single person How to start a company, how to make a small start and start big

I have been making money online for the last 6 years, I am making money by doing online business, you can make money online. If you want to start a blog,

then there are different types of things that happen in the block. There is or cannot be an earring, and I am going to tell you 10 to 12 types of ringtones inside the coming article and you will also get good accurate information inside this blog.

how to start a blog and make money (my personal Experience)

Start a blog you chose a niche 

Before starting a block, you have to see your talent in which field you are interested in, in which your talent is in which the interest in the talent can write articles on it,

you can make a blog and make money slowly. Knowledge will start coming and your blog will also be grouped as you come to Nordies and you will start making good money.

searching niche topics find your blog niches 

Before starting a blog, you have to do a good net. I can see the way of selecting you, you can watch YouTube videos,

you will find out if not from YouTube, then you live in your area, where you live in the specific area, you can see the news of people there.

What is needed, what is the need of you people, you can change that thing in the form of power and put it in your blog,

or else you can go to Google and search Google and check people You can check what people are loading on Google

search on google domain name selected 

Suppose after selecting your personal what you have to do,

you have to check the domain and go to dot com, search on Google and go there and select the topic you have to go and select it Kind of domains or not

You will get the domain name according to it,

and then you start making a website on it. Before 9:00, you have searched the domain. You have now searched,

Buy domain 

now you will adjust the same side to find where I can find you. Go to Hostinger. in for the cheapest price and you book your 12 men for a website.

This domain has been yours for 12 months and you will have to take 2 minutes again when its date is over.

You will not have to pay as much as you are investing now, then you will get three out of 400, now 500 will have to be invested.

buy hosting at cheap price same account 

Now that you have booked the domain, now before you start the website,

tell me one thing, I have got two domains cleared. I have an official server account of Google,

they can go and create a website there,

they can create their official account,

if you want to post a website with your personal, then you will have to come from this website, you will also need hosting.

how to start a blog and make money (my personal Experience)

don’t west money and cheap price buy hosting 

You have to buy hosting according to your budget,

not that you have done 10000 in the hostel and then you are not making a website. Even if you have money,

you will not get such expensive hosting. Between 25 to 3000,

you have to make a posting. Website is to be built. There are many things you have to learn inside a website. go to buy hosting 

After learning, you have to earn money. When you start getting money, then you should buy a hosting.

buy hosting and domain connect automatic hosting account 

By hosting, you have bought a domain. Now you have to connect these two.

The way to connect will be found by YouTube, now you will put your video on YouTube, go to my youtube channel> click here 

you will see it and then connect it costing and let me do it and then how your website You will install, you will know the whole way from there

how to start a blog and make money (my personal Experience)
Select premium theme and premium plugin 

After installing, you have to install a great theme, which is to install Themes of 100,

you have to apply the theme of the generated press, you have this premium from $ 60 to 5 to 6000.

You have to take a premium login which will come within 5 to 6000, you will get it from me at a very low rate or for free.

When you get the premium plugins and themes, then you will be able to surprise your website and well, you can do it for free too. You can also start with free plugins.

Lover Bloody I will make you love by commenting on the YouTube channel. Give Which Load You Plugin

how to create a unique article regular basis 


When you do all this work, then you should put a regular article on your blog, insert a unique article, in how many votes should be a unique article,

between 1000 words to 3000, you will put thousands of tickets in the world, even then I will write by you Unico

create a 20 article for your website a unique 

How to make 5 articles 3000 words on your website without ticket How many types of SEO are there? There are 2 types of SEO,

so you can learn from YouTube, we will post all the blogs as soon as possible within your site so that you can get complete information.

In today’s block, this is the correct information, how did you like it,

tell me by commenting and we will put the next article to read the article tomorrow, then you will know how to resist it and earn money in it.

how to earn money start a blog wett 1-2 months 
After all, this is done, then you have to wait for two months, do not do a hurry, wait for a month to earn money, then apply for Google Adsense, your blog will also be approved within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading today’s blog and how you felt the right information, share this information with our blog,

who wants to start with their friends so that they get the right information and that they do not stray and do not have photos with them,

so those articles definitely Delivering Than You So Much meets with your friends in Nest blog

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