How to Publish a Website beginners Guide for (step by step)

Do you think that on which platform should you publish your website, How to Publish a Website beginners Guide for (step by step)

today we will know that we are step by step if you are a new person inside the blogging filed


Hello friends, welcome to my master blog, we will talk in today’s block that we should publish our blog or website inside which website

How to publish a website in Hindi and list in which language and on which platform Let’s know in detail As we know inside our blog website,

we talk about blogging and make articles, in it, we talk about all the types of blogging that make money online.

We teach people inside how blogging is done inside it. Blogging is what website where to publish. They teach us all things, blog posts through blogs inside this website.

How to Publish a Website beginners Guide for step by step in 2021-22

See Friends, whenever every person has to publish his blog website, he should be his blog first to see which company I want to get hosting from.

After hosting and two minds by each company, you can install your website. But you have to see there which platform I am getting.

You want to install the blog website on and you want me to make a website on Blogger, so you do not need to take hosting for this.

If you are yours, then even if you get yours for free, I get you there but the free domain is of no use, for this, you will have to buy the domain by paying money.

And if you have bypassed the hosting and domain, then you have the option to install it, inside a website builder you will get a variety of options,

you can install them and start your website block on them. If you want to create your own website through custom coding then you need to get coding for it,

if you do not know it, then you can contact us,

we will make the service for you, then you will contact us Bhai can email through email id and inside the third box is a website,

Click here and contact us, we will guide you on how to publish a website step by step

Now let’s talk about where to publish in which platform I tell you the methods, send is the best way to me and we also use it,

you too can use it, that is and the other way is your own Creating a website by creating your own code by creating a CMS,

this is our two ways and the second way is our favorite, even within, every website in the world is published.

She is published inside WordPress,

which is the largest platform in the world it,

people make a lot of money by making websites, so this is a very beneficial thing for you.

What are the things a new man has to take care of when he publishes his website step by step

Whenever you publish a blog website on the Internet, you have to see that brother, I have already published my website,

but I should know how to make a running call from it. And for your privacy too, it is necessary for you to keep some seventh secure things.

Tola will have to be purchased for that. If you do not do this, then your website is ever there. You will not know this, but you have to take care to publish your website

Posting and domain companies provide this facility

If you have made up your mind and have not even spent your money to make love, then let me tell you, you will buy hosting and domain,

then buy both things from the same company. Buy hosting before checking this thing with your domain free.

Whether you are getting or not getting, I will request you to go to hostinger. in from here. Buy hosting from there.

You can see that very few people like you can see this company is a very well-known company, it is a world-class company,

it continues to do business globally and its domain companies sell it.

Publish your website on so that you can get good facilities.

Yes, right, you read the headline and understood what facility you can get in it, you can use the tool-free and can also use money,

both the things you have an option,

I will present it to you if you do not know how to court, you have to learn to code.

So you can make the website your own but you will have to see many ways in that too, but on you come here,

if you publish the website here, it is very good for you to use it, you just have to understand it a bit. about

How to Publish a Website beginners Guide for (step by step)

how to add SSL 

And then select WordPress to install your website and after that install the SSL certificate inside your website so that your website becomes

a trustworthy website in the eyes of Google, only then your people will start trusting your website. It is very important to install an SSL certificate if not

theme plugins 

When your website is published on top of the internet,

then you have to install good plugin themes.

Take special care of the load time of your website inside your website.

Put wallpaper of minimum size inside your website so that your website can be quickly Open up on the Internet,

keep this thing in mind especially you need to have very beneficial tips if you are a new person.

And if the website of the answer is published, then install a security plugin

Yes, you heard it right, you read the headline and saw it right. It is also very important to do this, you will have to pay for this,

if not toll to buy, then you can use it for free, save your website.

This particular person should know every new performance that our website is now live on the Internet, it is very important to keep safety for that

Final Throughline

So after buying the hosting domain, you have published your website on any platform over the internet. You have done

the process of, you have done this on Blogger, then after that a good article on your website.

Start writing, after that, decorate it well, make a link on the website. Respect the website so that your website can be ranked within Google as soon as possible.

We have made videos on the website above the full details and make articles, read them and You can start earning money on your website,

thank you so much. Digital Shubham Sharma Master Blogging / Have Thanks for Reading

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