how to duplicate a page find in wordpress website (step by step)

If you are also using WordPress, and what you get inside duplicate pages within WordPress, it becomes difficult to detect the duplicate page, how to duplicate a page find in WordPress

how to duplicate a page find in wordpress website

because if you do not have one of the best SU tools, then you are not a detector. You will be able to know most of it from the Google search console


how to duplicate a page find in WordPress

Whenever you create some pages on top of your block within WordPress or inside Blogger, then later they send some spoilers to Google

Tech Crawler and some pages cannot be used by Google to make them turn on. As duplicate shows start happening within WordPress,

what do you have to do during this time

At first, you have to install a plugin inside WordPress which will help you to detect those plugins on the page.

If you cannot do this then you have a redirection plugin and install it inside your WordPress Will help you redirect duplicate pages inside your WordPress

What is a duplicate page

See the meaning of friends duplicate, you know very well how many such things happen. Duplicate duplicates, which can say in one form,

it is very dangerous to have a duplicate jog. If you use it, you know what it means. If I become duplicate pages under WordPress,

then delete them, if not, then you can redirect them to your website URL in next

Suppresses a duplicate match, when we delete a page without seeing it or Google is unable to do it correctly because of that the air of the duplicate page comes inside WordPress

How to redirect duplicate page

What happens is that when you get to see this kind of air,

then you have to detect that thing which page is airing us, which page is showing within the duplicate category,

which is a good search engine for you He has to use it so that he can detect duplicates,

Google has been an ahref, samrush gone to sleep. You can find this is a good search engine, you can detect duplicate pages.

Now to redirect it, what you need to do is go inside the search engine and click fix to continue, for this you will have to watch the video tutorial,

how to find the duplicate page in practice, and redirect it above the URL

Redirection plugin

After the duplicate page is detected, delete it if you want to delete it but still,

you are still visible in Google search, then redirect them,

install this plugin above your main URL,

inside your WordPress website so that I can redirect all the duplicate pages to my URL above, easy steps can be understood through a video.

And if you are showing a duplicate page inside Google, it is 4 times as 4 as it is in the form of 505,

then direct them to the duration directly below your main URL. The technical SEO of your website will not matter but You will be su

What technical s.c.o. how to duplicate a page find in wordpress

Yes, you made the right difference. Your website’s ranking can be decreed and if that page is being used and open again and again and your website’s page is not opening,

you can also Google your website.

This means that the ranking of your website will be further reduced,

so keep in mind the duplicate page also in particular. Such duplication should keep WordPress clean and not on your website.

use ahref webmaster tool will help you in detecting duplicate page

With your Gmail ID and your website,

I did not go tomorrow and delete everything here, create an account and you have to go to the Site explorer there and you will remove the entire detail,

which page is adding you. The URL is giving you arrogance and will remove everything in front of you by duplicating it

You can watch this video on how to fix all errors in Webmaster Tools. You can tell me how to fix the duplicate page in the video. In it you will get to see the video of webmaster tool

Final Throughline

Comment by commenting friend article helped you or not, if not, then I adjust you a video, visit our YouTube channel, search on YouTube,

search for digital Shubham Sharma and how to fix a webmaster air duplicate page. And through that,

all the duplicate URLs that are available to all the duplicate pages will help you to complete that video within your website.

WordPress duplicate page without a plugin

Duplicate pages can be detected even without a plugin. I have told you above how to find a duplicate page. Use the webmaster,

you will be able to delete those pages through the webmaster,

you will be able to redirect your URL above So that the entire condition of your duplicate page will be resolved whether it is coming over the duplicate page on top of any page or above the plugin.

how to duplicate a page find in WordPress page not showing

And if your page is not showing a duplicate page and you are still having problems inside technical then technical s.c.o. You are very much sure that you have to use the webmaster on the website,

I have made a video, check it above and solve your duplicate page.

Duplicate send is unable to show because Google’s crawler is not able to come and do it properly because it does not have a crawler in it,

it makes its air show or you have deleted it. Due to this, duplicate pages are not shown inside the Lagna within WordPress.


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