blogging for beginners

How to Start Blogging Blogging for Beginners How to Start a New Fellow Blocking is very easy to become a blogger.

blogging for beginners
blogging for beginners

Just a little time you have to give to learn to blog. bogging is as easy as you can understand cooking but few things If you want to learn how to build blocks on top of people, How do you start a blog for beginners?

then I have told you how easy it is, but to create articles on top of it, you have to make new articles and optimize your blog website very well. popular blogs

It is necessary and people do not understand it completely, that is why we have our topic today. Blogging for Beginners Start today in full detail.

Blogging for Beginner What are the things that must be necessary for a beginner to start a blog,

blogging for beginners: Beginner for Beginner is very much available shop for blogging within the market. If you start blogging, you have a business person, you don’t know anything, you can still start people, but you should be interested, above whose cap you Creating blocks, select your low and book a domine over it with GoDaddy or hosting

blogging ideas for beginners:  Start your blog on top of a new beginner topic, you can build your eyes on the health industry, you can make a blog on food, you can teach people how to earn money, through your blog, people will like to see you every day Would like to hear, would like to read, then first search the topic idea in this way, if you are a new beginner, you will get a lot more Topic idea is full of this on Google

blogging topics for beginners: Every day, to find a new topic, how to make a new topic, a lot of confusion will come to your mind, so I tell you where to take the topic from, if you are not a beginner, then you put ubersuggest 2/3 link. I can see you, you can make a daily topic by visiting them, this is a keyword research tool and after that the best tour I think is the one I use is UberSugest followed by on top of these daily topics I keep searching and I keep finding new topics

how to start blogging for beginners: To start a blog, you can also create a block for hosting your own domain for free. For that, go to blogger. Create your block for free. A domine will be there for 3 days, everything will be made for free. Do what is in my interest, then start your block, a website will be made for free and also by paying money

tips on blogging for beginners: A new blogger must remember my bone and you can also see a big blogger. He gives you a tip that does not tell what it is, although it does not tell anything, you have to keep up the inner work. One day you will get the result that you did not even expect. Tip number one is regular, keep the passions number two, and increase your interest.

blogging for beginners course free: For blogging, it is very important to learn a course first. How do you do blogging?

What are the things to be done inside blogging, then Bigner must definitely visit our YouTube channel? search these digital shubham Sharma  Soaking in the list for the course in Hindi blogging,

in this full detail, we are telling you to hurry there, make a comment according to your requirements, we will solve it too.

If you miss the same thing then you will take the same amount of time, but we are giving you the information of lakhs free of cost,

but it is important for you to value it a little bit because if you are getting something for free, then it should be important

blogging jobs for beginners: And when you learn blogging well by visiting our YouTube channel, then you can hide inside blogging for the best for yourself. If you want to do a job inside digital marketing, then you have to learn a lot about it too.

Marketing will take you a minimum of 1 year for it, you can learn a lot more within it, just some things you should know perfect,

we will teach you those things within a lot of time, but people will take only 10 ₹ 50000 if you give them money So then we will teach you things,

we will also try to teach these things, but after a short period of time, I told you that it will take 1 year to do the job better, if you do it yourself,

then you will earn 100 times money from ₹ 1000 to one crore. Can be earned by blogging, I will teach you to step by step whether it is jobs or business

blogging tools for beginners: For every blogger every new person when people come inside the blogging field, then it is very important to buy a tool for a blogging tool

if you cannot buy, then you can use the free tool and get the best out of them. If you want to buy by paying money, do not send it,

I will not tell Bigener at all. You can take the idea from our YouTube channel itself and we can take it from us, we can help you, we will help you to make your website. From optimizing to offering SEO tips guide on it

travel blogging for beginners: My cigarette is low. I like to travel on a travel blog. If you too make a block above two travel blogging,

then blogging can be very good for you, can make good money. Blogging is great. You will store blogging tours. End travel blog is very good, you can go and visit and block tour in one place.

topics for blogging for beginners: Topic making is a very time-consuming article, so it is better that you first learn how to make a hat.

How to make the best topics and who are searching more and more, it is very important to find such topics.

You will be able to earn a lot more money in the blogging field, this is some secret top-secret date, not everyone will tell how to search the cap. It is very easy to find a topic.

beginner WordPress: To start blogging a new beginner has to see first that he wants to create a free blog. He wants to go towards the bed block,

which means he will have to take the hosting first. If you can do everything for me, I will adjust for you first by hosting,

where to do posting, you should buy hosting according to the hosting. in the budget, according to you, there is easily a very low rate.

Step 1 guide for beginners start to blogging 

What are the things you need to do before taking a? Hosting should be of a good company, if it is not of good company,

then you will start getting traffic on the website of the answer. Your website speed will be so much slower, so anytime Do not buy cheap hosting which is the cheapest at ₹ 20, never get the same hosting,

This hosting is perfect for Beginner for Blogging and this company also gives you a lot of free bonuses.

so I will only take 119 plans, within that you get a lot of money, if you get a business plan, then it’s Even inside you

will get a bonus free of at least ₹ 3000 Free Domain Thousand Dekha Free SSL Certificate Hazare’s Delhi Backup of ₹ 700 This money is worth you so much,

if you give the aircraft business plan, Weldon good and much less discount You can use our coupon code to get

Shubham Sharma from which you will get 10 to 15 percent discount and your Austin will come to around 300. Within ₹ 3500 there are a lot more features inside the hosting.

The company will make a feature detail show in front of very few companies There is someone who gives this kind of data in front of use A before taking it, so she gets the show off to the beginner first.

Step no 2 domain and hosting enter connect

And then when you connect the domain and hosting automatically it will automatically login to the hospital on the answer website, after logging in,

you will go to hosting and select the Already domain thereby connecting you to the hosting and there you will get an SSL Certificate that will also be available for free if you install it on your website at the same time,

otherwise, you will stop and later install the answer WordPress, then you install the SSL certificate, then what you have to do is your website’s user name,

its password and website Keeping the title, after placing the title, your WordPress will be installed in one click, seeing this beginner will be able to do things easily.

Step no 3 themes and plugin selected only requirements of a website 

Beginner, if your website is installed, then the new beginners have to understand that we have to use free sim on top of your website after installing the website or we will buy a good theme for you by paying money,

I will adjust you Take the generated press theme if you want this theme free host, then you can go to our online shop and from there you can download the free of cost premium version and install it on your website.

Remember that the cigarette will be given to you, it will work only on your website, it will not work for any other website, only one for you will be given to others,

then I will change it a pick of cigarettes so that you can come on your website You will start according to your requirements, install only 7 to 10 according to the website, do not overdo it, your website speed will decrease.

blogging for beginners in 2021

To start blogging, a beginner has to follow all the above mentioned days, according to that when your website is completely complete,

you have also installed the theme and also installed the plugin, after that, you have to design your website properly.

In spite of doing, start putting contacts in your website again, first put the best articles, after that, you will optimize your articles and then start sharing them on social media,

you will have to do it in the beginning so that your Traffic starts coming in. In the eyes of Google, there is trust in your website.

Bigger will have to do these things in the beginning, only then you will be able to take the blogging field longer and you will be able to access it when the money will come.

Step no 4 drive traffic on the website for beginner

Now you have started writing articles, what should a beginner do on your blog, what you need to do to drive traffic to your website,

start sharing the articles written on your website on all social media. Best social sharing What are the platforms, I am going to bring you an article on this as soon as possible,

you can learn from them or else you will search on YouTube and you will get such sources by going there, how to drive traffic to your website and Through them,

you start to drive traffic. The website is also winning your website, just write the article on your website and start doing

small copy from there and on the platform so that despite giving the link there, your website But will come this one who is your man

Step no 5 image title Seo optimize blog image

Beginner If you are a new beginner then you also have to keep in mind that when you apply the image on your website, you have to optimize it properly.

When you make a photo, you have to rename it. The title will be to put his word in the photo and when you upload that photo on your blog,

before putting it on that floor block, do it properly and attack it, the same keyword which is your main title is also the same man in the description.

Let’s vote and the size of the photo should be 640 by 480 or more, you can keep it more than 740 490 Do not keep more than this your website speed will be very low.

It also enhances the elegance of your website, gives a good look, and traffic on your website is more a driver, people stay on your website for a long time.

Step no 6 Titel How to create your own blog

It is very easy to create a title, for your block, for a party cooler block, do keyword research on Google first. Find Delhi Block Topic Idea for your blog, you can search on YouTube for it,

you can learn after that you will be easy How do we do keyword research and then it comes to make a title for his bird,

then make the title in such a way as to- how to make money online in 2021 This has become a gimmick word such that he can use his website 10 to 15 times.

Those who will still go today and search within 2030, make your blog title in this way, if you do not focus on this thing then you will not understand how to run your blog well now beginner to follow this thing

Step no 7 descriptions add every blog post 

After creating SEO after creating a blog post for each blogger, make sure to write the description of your post and write it in the description that my block is about this thing.

Give me too, I have created my blog on this and this information is inside the S block, so it is very important to create a description, for the Avery block post,

it is important to note even the essentials and not the blog post rank of our website. You will not be able to know correctly that the Google search engine is your block after all, on which the title of the home page of the website must be made as well.

Step no 8 tags every blog post add 

You can put one on an Agri Block post, it is also important because it also increases the rankings of your blog, even if you do not use it,

it is not so important to pack a pack, then you can install it, then you will have to SDO. I Will have to add the description, just a little work extra of the tag increases, after adding the tag, add the tag as per your requirement

Step no 9 internal linking ever post 

What is the point of doing internal linking on your website, it means internal linking, the article you are writing on your blog post and the articles you have written,

each one of the articles written, the party cooler, you have made the block post a tax. Select anchor tax on it and say this,

you can see a tutorial for interlinking internal linking, otherwise, you should understand that simply linking one post to your other post will make a lot of difference to your website bounce rate.

If anyone comes to the website of the scheme, then you will not run away from there immediately, your block post will be opened completely,

reading it from one to the other from the second to the third, doing this work will definitely give you a boost in the ranking.

Step no 10 Outbound linking 

For outgoing linking, you can create two-three websites or backlink any first one from your website block post like I have three websites,

then I give a link to all three websites on top of that blog post. This brings outwardly in the eyes of this website,

in the eyes of Google, your website can be honest, if you look good honest, then it is very important to do it. You can do good for SU because in Google’s eyes it is considered a good thing to follow this thing,

you beginner must do this work if more blog posts are going to be published on your website, after some time you will do it yourself.

Step no 11 follow rule title tag and description and URL

And according to the issue, which is the rule of issue, your title land should not be more than 60 words, the length of the description should not be more than 120 160,

do not use more words than this and your tag is not more than the password URL. Plan your main keyword jubilee above 5-digit within,

don’t add more to it, otherwise, your website block post will run in the same way, create a short URL, you must follow this thing, otherwise, your blog post Beginners can take a lot of time to rank

Step no 12 how to add image video gif

Beginner If you add a photo to the video and GIF to these three things above your blog post, then the blog post of your website gives a good look to win the user so that your user comes repeatedly over the block post If you would like to come,

then definitely start doing this kind of work. I say with a guarantee that your blog post will be under percent rank. You can see our own block post, you will be convinced by yourself how we have designed only. You can see others except for block posts

Step no 13 how to add heading subheading 

And you have to add all this heading on top of your website to heading subheading h1 h 6 Your man keyword, on which you have made the article,

do not use the same word of course, but you can add anything but your blog post Do not forget to give the heading above, do not forget that you have written the article directly and just did not give the heading. Your website will not look good.

My friend will definitely add it, my friend, you will benefit a lot and use different types of words in it. LSI You can use keywords, you can use the total keyboard,

you can use long oil keywords, from h1 heading to h6, you can use different types of words, your main title will come inside h1 and when your article.

If you start making, the first word will be the first paragraph, it will start from h2 only, then increase the paragraph to 50 words, then celebrate the 100-word paragraph, do not make the paragraph too big, it may harm you

Step no 14 backlinks 

After that you will have to create a backlink above your website, for that you have created for your blog post, you can create a free pack link,

search on Google and go to the type on which you have created the article, just type it on Google and Different types of websites

will come in front of you and by opening the website to see whether you have an opportunity to create a backlink or not, you can watch a video tutorial to create a backlink, how to create a link and beginner to do this article. after

Backlinks are 2 types do follow and no follow 

Nofollow backlinks You can create a link bank link of 9 fruits by going on top of any website, it is easy to open someone’s website and they can be commented on below.

You can get 9 follow backlinks, if you get your comment approved by the author If given, you will get dofollow backlink free

Dofollow backlinks Dofollow backlinks, this link will be easily found, for that you will have to do it, share your article of the article on social media, give it a link there,

you can use and then comes but interest can use it You can use the medium, you have all kinds of social media sharing platforms,

you can use all of them and make backlinks from them. In today’s date, that too one or two if you want to make a bank from us, we backlink 2000 backlinks for just ₹ 3000.

High da/pa backlinks paid promotion blog post: Now that you have made a free backlink, then there is not much benefit in the Friends Free Backlink,

as you give a bank link success money which you cannot even imagine, so people have just started this trend. No one knows, but friends, we provide this service.

If you want to take advantage of the service, you can contact us by going to our YouTube channel, contact us by email id and will get you backlink wide,

only 2,000 backlinks ₹ 3000 and if you want more than 1 day on your blog post, then we will give our block through our block, at least more than 500 are running on our website, you will definitely get them and you will get the website


Blogging for Beginners will have to learn to do all these things first, then you can do it well, then I told you simple things that you have to do in every situation,

and there are many more things that I will be coming to today You will reach you through the video inside the course,

you have to see those things and do not tell me to follow us on the YouTube channel because there too keep telling things related to blogging that no one misses you and there are many things

What we have to learn right now, we have to implement more from our simple blogger on top of our block.



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