affiliate marketing amazon for beginners

affiliate marketing amazon for beginners, How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Biggers online

To start Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you have to take care of a few things and some things you have to do and what are the things that you should have.

To start with Affiliate Marketing Amazon, you will have to start the answer from Amazon before you associate. affiliate marketing amazon associates

You, Will, have to join the program after FZ you will be eligible to earn money in the program Hello friends, welcome to my topic today

Before starting Amazon affiliate marketing, you have to select your niche i.e. the demand going on within the market, which party would you like to sell on your website, or any party cooler product.

Today’s Topic How to Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

fast of selected niche micro-niche 

Before starting Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you have to select one of your news below, based on the cap given above, you can select your bottom with commission and footprints in the photo below.

By creating a product you can start selling on top of your website, join Hema John Associate Program first,

then the list of this product will come out in front of you and after joining the Associate Program you will get an ID, unique to you.

You have to keep close, just select all the products from that associate page, now you can sell on your website, first select your low

fast of selected niche micro niche 

affiliate marketing amazon India,

According to the above picture, select one of your lowers, you can see the commission, select one according to 9 percent 10 percent on the side, then search on it after that,

inside Google, I showed you that it is too much and I can give you I am going to eat microns, who should use them, I am putting their photo and time in the phone according to the cap,

you can also sell the product on them and how to make good this hat is meant to guide the seeing In this, you will not understand the guide completely,

but slowly, whenever you understand on the saree, then slowly you start understanding all the things and then you will also make good money.

fast tips start to niche beginners amazon affiliate marketing 

Tips No 1 Niche, Watches 


Watch, you can review on any watch, you can build on any vehicle and make a good corporation from there,

then you can see the competition above. According to the picture, many people search for this thing. We will give you a cigarette pick and give you the cigarette topic which is the Fastrack watch,

you can make a micro-niche on top of it and make a website and review it by putting a good article and make money.

You can select any micro below according to your choice, you can create a website according to your choice on the bottom.

Tips No 2 domain and hosting buy

Now you have also selected the product below also, now it is the turn that you said no, then I tell you two ways here. First, you can share the product for free,

but if you have to give a little time for it If you have time, you can share them on Instagram on Facebook social media for free, you can create a YouTube channel and share it there.

Where to get it and where to get it at a low rate, within two months you will get two I and also Hosting both things with domain free with hosting, then go directly to hostingar. in and buy from there.

Tips No 3 installs the WordPress

After that you install WordPress, while installing WordPress, you should install such SSL as well and keep your unique password and user name,

name your website and install it and put a nice cream on it. Install theme and plugin, comment if you want,

we will provide you however you use the free ones, first understand those things and then design on the website,

remember to design. The tutorial can be seen on YouTube, how to install the website Can install video call

No 4 create amazon selected product Review 

Now it is the turn to do everything, even after you have installed the website, you have also designed the website and put a theme on it,

the theme that you will use is to use in the team of Generate Press, that is a great theme after doing all this Now write the article of how you will put the product inside your website,

after writing the first article, put four to five links of the same product, model vice and first you have to provide value inside your article,

people will have to show people about it. This is the advantage of this, this is a disadvantage, not a lot of damage, no loss is not in any product,

after posting first, you can write an article from thousands to 15 100 within an article and then after that, make it public within your website. Give

Tips No 5 use this social media amazon affiliate program 

After submitting the article, you first submit that article inside the Google Search Console when after meeting creates a sitemap of your website Submit the Sitemap inside the Search Console to see this video tutorial you can see inside your website There should be 7 to 8 articles,

then your website will be made on the side in the site and when you add the article, after putting the article on your website,

keep them well attached on social media and keep uploading photos every day, this will also make your social media followers will increase and from there, Rafi song will start on your website, traffic will also start coming from there number two.

After that, people who are going on Google search are searching there, then they will find your website there also, for this you will first get keyword research.

You should learn these things, then you will be able to make the best articles and make money for yourself every day, the best tool for keyword research is Famous which is ahref and semrush

Tips no 6 Keywords research low competition list 2021

Keyword Research You can learn this thing on our Youtube channel and there we keep a list of low competition keywords every day,

you can use their word every day because we cannot use that many words you can use their word. Definitely start raising this above which keyword friend tell you,

you will have to spend ₹ 17000, then you will get these tools for this, I will never tell you that first, you invest money,

first, start earning money, then start investing Get started, you can learn keyword research for free, through Google Amazon,

what people are searching there, you can learn this thing through our video on YouTube, we keep teaching these things there.

Go to YouTube and search the digital Shubham Sharma YouTube channel, you will see our channel in the top first. You go to that channel and start watching videos.

Tips no 7 Which social media platforms should we use for amazon a flight

You will find a lot of different types of platforms for Amazon Affiliate Marketing on YouTube, but which is the best platform which you should use,

then the first one comes, you should use create YouTube channel, create your Facebook account Facebook page Create Facebook Group Create your account on Instagram,

create your badge on top of it, also make your glory above LinkedIn, and there you can sell the product. To sell, go there and start sharing the article,

you will begin to get the revenue, first, you will get traffic, second, you will come to their website, then you can also make money through AdSense.

Number two is the product on your website. Seeing those products, people will sow according to their need, even then you will get their money


Right now I have given all the information in this article on how to start Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, and according to this,

you can start your block idea of your affiliate marketing business with a low off investment free of cost. You will take time in popular posts,

if you invest, you will start getting results soon. This is part one of affiliate marketing. If I explain everything to you within an article,

you will go mad and you will not understand you will not even like to work, so tell me first of all, according to many things,

start your own website. After making a website, when the results start coming to you slowly and you are getting fewer results, then you stop there and stop 52 Inside we will know that by investing a little more and burning eight above your website,

traffic can also be brought to your website through Google Adsense Facebook ad, you will have to do a little investment here, we will know these things and you will get more money. I Investing in Facebook Ads and Google Aids breaks a lot of money.

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