25 Tips basic technical seo guide for beginners (Step by step)

25 Tips basic technical SEO Hello friends, when a new person starts blogging,

he does not know the basic things. technical SEO strategy

25 Tips basic technical seo guide for beginners (Step by step)
technical seo

Today we are going to cover technical SEO which is very important for a beginner to know basic if he wants to get the blog website ranked if he If not done,

the website can be ranked with a very low chance but it is very important to go to technical SEO

if you want to come inside a blogging field. guide for beginners (Step by step) 

tips today you will know basic tech SEO if you are beginner, then you will know  of full guide step by step till you start blogging SEO for beginners pdf

what is SEO

The search engine on Google searches its coding engine by optimizing it and whatever human beings show by optimizing

the search engine above the search engine inside the world is called

SEO goes above a website and Google optimizes it by calling. You are called search engine optimization

 techniques SEO checklist 

If you follow these 25 tips it will be very easy for you to make your blog rain inside Google but first, these things are very small,

it is a thing that beginner should come because when the new guy starts speaking then he will The only thing is not known,

you can implement this by watching the video after understanding this, what are the things to keep in mind on your blogging

When you are a beginner with a little attention to your technical things, you can easily learn and you are a technical SEO,

it is not a difficult task, but the 1 tips that I am telling you to follow and keep doing within your blogging


Hello, welcome to my master blogging block and the videos of the youtube channel are going to be quite interesting,

like reading the video and the article till the last,

after reading the article, you can implement them by watching the video and understand something inside your blog.25 Tips basic technical SEO guide for beginners

Do not comment, even inside the article and inside the video, where we will see your comment first, the video or the ticket will come first. You know technical SEO techniques Something about

what is technical SEO

  1. It is very important to do technical things on top of the website
  2. and it tells Google how well your website is optimized
  3. and all the things that have been taken care of as per Google’s policy.
  • Comes inside the technical means
  • to say that it comes within the policy of a website, that matters to rank a website

1 What is basic keyword research basic technical SEO guide for beginners 

If you want to rank any topic inside Google the Blog Boss is placed in its Word Score.

Keyword Research says that it shows Google how to run our blog post above its word.

This is called Keyword Research and it Comes within technical SEO

2 What is anchor tax

What is Anchor Tax is also within the techniques SEO  must follow

this thing because no one is used to link Anchor Tax to their website within their own blog post to another blog post Above the keyword it is called Anchor Tax,

3 What is ctr

What is the CTR If 100 people visit your website, out of which 10 people clicked on your website,

then the CTR of your website is 10 percent In this way, you keep calculating the CTR of your website.

4 What is a backlink

A backlink is a reputation check that shows Google that the front website which is of high authority shows that this website is trustworthy.

You have to show this website over Google till Google shows it so backlinks are necessary. Make for website

Banklink into type

do-follow backlink    Sign of “hraf”  It helps your blog post to get Google ranked the most, so beginners only keep in mind that make two follow backlinks more for your website.90%

Nofollow backlink  Sign of “Rel”    And people nofollow backlink does not matter so much, but it is also very important to make it,

it works 10 percent for the website for your blog, but definitely make a backlink for your bat website

5 What is a 301 redirect

You can redirect your website’s block post or your website’s main URL. On top of that for another website,

you have to see the tutorials for practical but the redirect also comes within technical SEO and the beginner needs to do this If you can read it sometimes,

then take special care and it is also necessary to learn this thing, but easy is not too difficult.

You can also redirect your blog post as well as a simple 2-easy step plugin above the URL of your new blog. Because of redirection, you can redirect it to the URL of any post on your main URL

25 Tips basic technical SEO guide for beginners (Step by step) in 2021 

6 What is alt tags 

This tells Google who your image is above so that the image can be ranked inside your blog post within Google.

so must use article alt tags inside the image Whenever you write your blog  you will add the image inside it while adding,

you will have the description title, it is the main writer of your blog post, it keeps going and adding so much work.

7 What is back hat SEO and white hat SEO basic technical SEO guide for beginners 

Remember, you should never work on a black hat. Work on a whitehead. White hat SEO blog post ranks well above

Google’s top 10 pages for long optimized

time and black hat contact Google Ranks on the first page of stealing someone’s contact is called black hat SEO

8 Canonical tags what happens

Stealing copy content of any website and putting it on top of your website and giving it along with it,

it is said that you should not do this at all,

steal someone’s contact, you write your own, you will be saved from this

9 What is cloaking if you are putting something on the website and Google wants something,

then it says because you have created a website

over Google and put something else on it and Google is showing something else to the user, then it is called Cloaking

10 What is keyword density

  • When you are writing an article you have made a ticket of 2000 words.
  • Suppose that you do not have to use more than 20 words in it,
  • meaning that your main word is not used much, it is called keyword density.

11 What is keyword staffing

If you have written a thousand articles and have used more than 20 words, then you will be called Keyword Stopping, you have to use them two to three times inside the 1000 word article.

12what are the words of lsi

LSI keyword is similar to the word which is the main title of your blog post.

will search on Google and in the last caste the search-related below will come to you are LSI keywords, use them, your blog post will come in the rankings.

25 Tips basic technical SEO guide for beginners (Step by step) for beginner

13 What is a link from

Suppose you have made 20 IDs, linking your website to those sites is called link form, then you can follow this trick in blogging

14 what is link bait 

If you celebrate the most useless contact in Google so that it can be done quickly,

then do not do it at all, making wasteful contact in good contact till it can be ranked online quickly in Google is called link beat

15 What is a meta description

What is Meta Description? Whenever you create a website or write a blog post, tell Google about who the blog post is on and the home page of the website,

who is on your website, then these are the things that technical Follows the big thing important

16 What is a meta keyword, basic technical SEO guide for beginners 

It tells Google who wants to get your blog post done by saying what it eats, Mehta Keyword Target keyword is called

17 what is  on-page SEO

Optimizing the article post of your site is called on-page SEO

and it contains more than 200 tips which you have to follow step by step. You are called on-page SEO

And this gives Google a signal from whom your blog post

should be about, so you must come to these pages

18 what is off-page SEO 

Banklink comes in off-page, you have to show Google how profitable your website is, then for this you should come off-page SEO, social media, and a backlink is what will make your website reportable.

19 What is website page rank

  1. What is the website page rank Suppose you have a website,
  2. how to check its rank then you have Google analytics or there is a website.
  3. Moz.com you can check the rank of your website page from here
  • That means to say that your website
  • How much the DA of DA is increasing is called PageRank
  • Checking your website’s SPAM score is also within the PageRank, you definitely have to do this once a month.

20 what is robort.txt basic technical seo guide for beginners 

It tells Google which files are present above your website what structures are there which I have to be displayed on Google’s first page

by turning it on and Google sends its bots and crawler on top of your website so that it Crowd all the things that are on the website,

you can show them on the top of your first page and it is very important to make a robot trust.

And the same makes it crawl all your page and rank it inside your search console, not all Google, all types of search engines are doing the same thing,

so keep robot dot txt and sitemap on top of your website sitemap robot dot txt Comes into

21 What is a sandbox, why does Google keep a site in the sandbox

  • If you are not happy inside blogging,
  • then you have to take care of something that you should put 25 to 30 articles
  • on your website in the first month and if you submit your website answer inside Google search console,
  • then your website will be sent inside the sandbox.

Crowler will send them inside the sandbox and Google and they have to see whether your website is trusted because they do not trust Google on the new site and this is called sandbox

22 What are spiders and crawlers and boots

  1. See, it is not a magic
  2. There is a machine which is operated by Google
  3. sends them on all the websites
  4. of the world and after checking the structure above the website,

download it and send it to Google and show them on the website by showing them right Crawler will show your data only if you have done the right thing on your website

23 what is sitemap.xml

  • What happens in the sitemap,
  • whatever type of content idea you have uploaded on top of your website,
  • whatever their idea is in a sitemap,
  • the way a road is in the sitemap,
  • a city is in the sitemap,

the same way your website Is also in the sitemap,

it has to be created and submitted and it tells Google what to crawl on your website and what, not to crewel.

25  basic technical SEO guide for beginners

24 What is metadata

When you use a plugin like this, in the last, there is a meta title description in it.

25 what is hreflang tags  

This gives a signal to Google, in which language the blog post you have put on your website is in English,

if you have written 10 posts in English and 10 posts in Hindi,

then you have to use this tag, then you will use the same language. Use on your blog

And if you watch the video inside the full detail then you will get to know the whole of the basic tech seo

Final Throughline

Then it is very important to keep this basic technology for coloring a blog website.

  • Keep these things in your mind and you should share an article with your friends
  • who are new in the blogging field so that they can help them.

Help, we are helping you, so subscribe to our channel too and keep the bull icon on the blog post turned on so that notifications keep reaching

you time to time whenever you are putting an article, we thank you so much

my fast channel digital shubham sharma 

and blogging course in hindi step by step guide

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